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Young Voice英语广播:2022(24)如何缓解职场焦虑?

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How to relieve workplace anxiety?


1.Instead of inwardly rolling with others, you should roll with yourself


The rat race is a process where things have reached a certain stage of development and are unable to move outwards, and instead begin to become more detailed, refined and complex. Competition between peers, competition between departments, and internal staffevaluationare all in the internal volume. There are more and more complaints about 'in-rolls'. Although we can't change the fact that it's an inside job, we can change the way we look at it.


For example, recently, the company where an office worker works has been affected by the general environment, and the performance progress is very slow, but the company's goals and tasks are there, so all departments are wrapped up to join the 996 army, if not, it is a problem of work attitude. After working for 8 hours a day, many people's energy is almostdepleted, so if they continue to work overtime, they are basically "fishing".


Some people leave their jobs because of this, others continue to fish, while some office workers take this opportunity to consciously exercise their communication and expression skills in various training, meetings, sharing and chatting, and also continue to refine their professionalism and enhance their self-awareness.


Advice: find a new field of interest and keep learning, for example, become a property salesman who knows soft furnishings, anexecutivewho can arrange flowers, etc. Become a complex person, constantly broadening your knowledge and improving your overall quality. For example, a department manager, both know the product and marketing, management, but also understand the operation, no matter how others roll, can not roll away from you.


2、Opportunities are tried out, not thought out


Many people are confused when they are in their fourth year of college, whether to enter graduate school or employment. After graduation, and in the search for what work confused; work also feel not to earn money, want to develop a side business do not know whatappropriate. The tangle is that I don't know if this is suitable for me; the tangle is also that I don't know if I can stick to it; just like this in thetangle, empty time.


Advice: Want to learn a foreign language? Take a class right away; go for a run? If you want to be a blogger as a side project, then turn on your phone and shoot and record. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to do it, it's better to get started than to get stuck on it.


3、Work can define life, but it is not the whole of life


Whether a job is suitable or not mainly depends on the value for money of the job, that is, whether the pay and the reward are proportional. When you choose a job that is suitable for you at the time, it is only natural that you should improve your professionalism and ability, and do your best to complete the job to get the corresponding rewards. But there is more to life than that career, there is also love, family, friendship and self, all of which are valuableassetsto us.


Anyone who remembers the recent super-hot Liu Genghong, who used to sing "Rainbow Heaven", was a singer and actor more than a decade ago, and although he didn't catch fire, he didn't struggle to find a more exciting life, and is now successfully out of the loop by being a fitness coach and a good family man.


A job does not represent the whole of life, it is just an experience in life. In each experience it is important to both work well and live well, to love yourself and to follow your heart.


4、Knowledge input and output, take you out of the workplace valley


During the low period, you will see a lot of truth, no one wants to hear your helplessness and suffering, and no one will care what you have gone through, on the contrary, some people will also gloat and use you as a negative teaching material, the only way to get through this low period is to cross yourself.


Try reading. Emotionally mindful books can convey "mindfulness" and method books can convey "technique". However, it is important to note that you should not only read books for input, but also for output, such as writing notes and reflections on reading, so that you can absorb and transform your knowledge by adding your own thoughts.



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